Monday, October 04, 2010

Junk in My Trunk

I'm the first to admit:

I'm a junk food junkie.

I can remember sitting in the basement of my best high school friend, watching movies, eating pizza, peanut butter, potato chips, and pickles. Oh if I had all those calories and all that sodium back right now, I don't know what I'd do with it.

Probably eat it.

Nowadays, I try not to keep too much of the junk on hand, because, well, I have kids and a husband to worry after. I don't want them snacking on all sorts of garbage, and I don't want them seeing Mama snack on all sorts of garbage. I want their memories of childhood filled with good wholesome, homemade foods, and the occasional dessert.

But that doesn't stop me all the time.

I love pizza. I love Pringles. And I love Pepsi.

I control all of these fairly well.

I also have an affinity for Nutty Bars. Did you know you can get them in single serving packages, right there at the check-out counter of your grocery store? Oh who am I kidding, they're not at all single servings. But they are for me (and probably ever other person who gets sucked in by their peanutty, chocolatey goodness). They're irresistible. And evil.

And I love them. I might hate Little Debbie, but I love those bars.

I sometimes try to take them apart, layer by layer, starting at the top. Then when I get to the very bottom layer, I put those two together, peanut butter-sides facing. It creates sort of a double-stuffed nutty bar, if you will. It's delectable. I do the same thing with Oreo cookies, but that's a different post.

Do you have a favorite junk food? Tell me you do, please. Let me know I'm not alone in my fight!

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Ness said...

My dad stuffed my kids with Little Debbie cakes at his house when they were little. I like the Star Crunch cakes.