Tuesday, May 26, 2009

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I recently received some of the best news I could receive. One of my siblings is expecting!!! Yes, I'm going to be an aunt (again)!!! My brother and his lovely wife are expecting their second child sometime, I think, in February of 2010. Congratulations all around, and sis, if you're reading (and brother too, heh), I'm praying for an easy-peasy pregnancy for you!!


My garbage disposal isn't working. It's amazing that you don't know how much you use something until you can't use it anymore. When I flip the switch, it hums, but won't move. I've read all about unjamming the disposal with the hex wrench, which I've tried. I've read all about unjamming the disposal with the handle of a wooden broom, which I've tried. The disposal moves freely, like it's supposed to, while trying said remedies. But it still won't move when I flip the switch. I'll say this though - it forces me to take the trash out a whole lot more often than I did before.


The woman who daycares my kids (*wonderful* woman, and I'm blessed to know her) brought over a bag of material she bought at a yard sale for a buck - a buck!!!! It's a huge bag! Then a few days later, she brought over a bunch of material she cleaned out of her basement collection. As soon as I an get electric run to that side of my basement, I'm going to be one busy sewing woman!


mommyof2 said...

Yaaay!! For my big brother and sis. Love you guys and can't wait to be an aunt again.

Ness said...

Congrats! A baby is a sign that the world should go on. I'm in a sewing freak myself as soon as this quilt is done and that should be by Friday.

Lisa said...

Yeah, she's posting again! (Oops! Did I type that out loud??) Yeah for the auntie-to-be!!!