Thursday, April 23, 2009

Backed UP

Well, I know I'm preaching to the choir, considering several of my readers (yup, all 3 of you:P ) have Multi-tasker's Disease just like I do...but how do things get so backed up???

I think spring has officially sprung here in the Midwest. I was actually {gasp!} sweating on my walk home from work today. Truly, it wasn't that warm, but I had my smock on, plus carrying my purse and a bag for my lunch. Plus, I'm no slouch when walking's my exercise, so I'm semi-booking it. But the bottom line is, I *hate* being hot. I mean, there's only so many clothes one can take off, right?

Gina has been...down. We're not quite sure what's hit her, but it's wreaking havoc on our diaper pail! Our supply of infant's tylenol has been depleted as well. She's had a low to mid-grade fever for a few days now, and just isn't herself. It makes it even harder (if that was possible) to leave for work every morning - I'd much rather just sit and cuddle her until she's back to her beanie self.

Thomas and Jacob are SO ready for summer break! I can't remember exactly when they get out of school, but I know it's soon, and so do they! And they're glad to be able to wear shorts to school too, although they still insist they're "freeeeeeeeezing" every morning and want to take their winter coats. By the time we get out to the van, however, they're good to go. Both have field trips coming up too, and they are super excited about that! Oh and Thomas might be getting a lizard...and anole? I think that's what it's called. They have a whole bunch in their class, and anyone who turns in a permission slip gets one (if they don't have enough, then the names get dropped into a hat).

My tomato plants sprouted not long ago (yes, I'm behind!), and I bought one of those little $1 mini-pot things from Target that had sweet basil seeds in it - they're growing as well. I also got strawberries and...something else that I can't quite think of at the moment. I planted those later, however,and they've not sprouted yet. I've got to get the rest of the garden done this's been raining so much here that I've not been able to even dig anything more since first starting. As far as I've heard though, this weekend is supposed to be beautiful.

Any other guesses as to what's on my weekend list? SPRING CLEANING, baby!!! Especially now, since the house seems to be in a hand basket here recently. There are a few things on my mental list that *must* get done, but some of the others are just "in the near future" tasks.

And since the baby was up much of the night last night, I think I'm going to hit the sack here shortly. Maybe I'll be able to catch a few z's before she wakes up tonight.

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Ness said...

Hope Gina-Gina feels better soon. My guess is that she's teething...mine all ran temps, snotty noses and runny diapers. But you won't get a Dr. to admit that! lol