Tuesday, December 30, 2008

2009 is almost here!

Can you believe that a new year is already around the corner? Well wait, I guess it was around the corner maybe a month ago...now it's practically beating down our door! Or is that the sound of opportunity I hear knocking? New years always bring us the opportunity to fix things that are broken...to take the time to enjoy things again...to realize what we have now, what we dream of having, and how to get it. New years brings us the satisfaction of looking back over the past 365 days and see exactly what we've accomplished, and gives us at least one more chance of grabbing that bigger prize, or being thankful for the one we grabbed.

What exactly do you have planned for the upcoming year? World travels? Going back to school? Finishing up that dreaded project you've had sitting on the back burner for a few months while life took a hectic turn? While I have many "tangible" things on my to-do list for 2009, I have a few intangibles as well. And these are of utmost importance.

You've always heard the saying "People only treat you how you allow them to treat you"? Well, I'm taking it to heart. No longer will I play dead when I encounter something I don't like...I'll stand up for myself, and in turn, I'll be teaching my children that if they come across something that isn't working out, they can always just put up with it, or they can decide what's best for them is to clear themselves of that situation.

In 2009, I also plan on not taking the little things for granted. My children are now almost 14, almost 10, almost 8, and almost 4 months! Where did that time go??? And why don't I remember more of it? Thank goodness for digital cameras, as at least I can capture their childhoods that way from here on out. But Beanpole and Little Linebacker? Sure I have film pictures of them as wee ones, but as much as I love taking pictures, I hate developing them, and I hate filing them into photo albums even more! So I will not allow their childhoods to slip away any further...I'm going to take the time to enjoy each of them for the joys they bring to the family individually.

I am going to use the new year as a stepping stone to getting my finances in order. My bankbook looks like Bank of America's version of Chernobyl. I have been so lucky to have family and friends who want nothing more than to help us out, but those times are over. There is no good reason things shouldn't be better than they are. Living like this isn't living, it's surviving, and we've done that long enough...time to *live*...without the worry that money often brings.

So what does the new year bring down your path? Do you make resolutions? Do you just hope that things are better next year, or do you make plans and timelines and set mini-goals in order to reach the main objective? Either way, I pray that the new year brings peace and joy to you all.


Lisa said...

Finally a new post and you're trying to make me...think!?!

I'm so glad you are taking a couple of bulls by the horns. Feels good, doesn't it? I just know it will work out for you.

As for me, once I can stand upright like a humanoid again, I will be starting school. I am trying to get into a radiography program, so will start with some (gulp) anatomy, physiology, and some math.

I have a long list (in my head) of projects for around the house, including finishing the mulch project. I want to plan better for this year's garden. Last year I got too many of a few things and not enough of the rest.

And the "list" goes on and on. Drop me a line sometime and let me know how you guys are doing! I think about you and hope all is well!

Ness said...

Happy New Year!

I like your resolutions and agree with you on standing up for yourself. I have to realize that being a mother does not mean being a doormat and Moms have rights and feelings, too! The quilt will be finished by the end of January and I have to meet up with one adorable Gina and her mom.