Sunday, November 02, 2008

Awww nuts.

Well, I had promised myself that I was going to, ya know, like, post once in awhile when I posted after that month-long break. So much for that...I make pie crust promises to myself all the time.

Halloween was spooky. Little Linebacker was perfectly happy going as a race car driver. They both went as race car drivers last year, but Beanpole's was just a tad too short (try about 6 inches too short)...and Little Linebacker's had holes in all the wrong places. So LL decided to wear Beanpole's old one, which fit wonderfully.

Beanpole decided on a last minute cape, combined with the pants/shirt combo that PawPaw got for his christening (there's something oddly ironic about this).

Make-up provided by Yours Truly. In my defense, this was after trick or treating and candy eating...I really can apply lipstick better than that, even when it's black.

Angel Cake went as...a baby. :) After a slight mix-up with a costume I was getting from a friend, it was too late to go get her anything that would meet her standards and still trick or treat for any grand amount of time. She did, however, get compliments from anyone and everyone that passed by.

Look, she's kissable!

And 100% organic!

Other than that, not much happens here. Big Boss Man is on a new shift. well, same shift, different days (bwahahahahaaaaa!! I kill me!). Work for me is still work...we're gearing up for cold and flu season. You have to mentally prepare for that kind of chaos, you know. And that's the best word for it - CHAOS. At least we're stocked up on Tamiflu this year (ya know, because a prescription will help with the flu). But I digress.

This week, I'm hoping to get enough cardboard boxes from work to lay out over the grass that now covers my future garden. I'll keep it covered over the winter, and hopefully will be close to grass and weed-free by next spring! My other task this week is to fill all the nail holes in the walls of Cake's room. We've got colors picked out for both her and The Boys' rooms. So hole-plugging, wall-priming, and chair rail-installing must happen before the colors will be purchased and used. We'll get it done, sometime before her first birthday...maybe.

OH!!! I almost forgot! As we speak, the last load of BBM's laundry is in the washing machine...after that, every single article of clothing he owns (besides the threads on his bod, of course) will be clean!! Now to complete The Boys (sigh).

Well, Angel Cake just woke up from her Mass-induced nap, and football started 18 minutes ago and I haven't watched a single second of it yet. So I must depart for now.


Zach's Bicycle Commuting said...

I hear you on the flu season, like prescriptions work. Every year at my job, we're forced to take flu "vaccines" up the nose. Gotta love the government. I must have the flu shot up my nose so I can play the trombone.

Catty Ax Lady said...

They make you use it?? Good grief. You couldn't pay me to get a flu vaccine, either snorting it or injecting it...nuh-uh...not gonna do it.

Lisa said...

She's back!!! Yeah!!

The kids look cute and I agree, there is something ironic about wearing a christening outfit to trick-or-treat as a vampire! *Shudder*

Another suggestion for killing the weeds and grass for your garden is to anchor down clear plastic. It "solarizes" the weed seeds better than black plastic. Just something to add to the arsenal!

Elizabeth said...

I love the baby costume!!! :)

Falcor said...

Can I just say I love the Mary Poppins reference?!

Falcor said...

Can I just say i LOVE the Mary Poppins reference?!

(Yes, I choose to believe pie crust promise is a Mary Poppins reference, even if that's )not the original source!