Monday, July 21, 2008

Is anyone here anymore?

Knock knock...who's there?


Slacker who?

No really, it's just me. Would anyone like an update? Is anyone still out there? Can anyone believe that July is almost OVER?!?!?! Where the heck is the time going?

July has definitely lived up to the title of my's been a whirlwind! Dad was in town in the beginning of July, and not only did he (and Big Boss Man, a little) tear down everything that needed torn down in the master bathroom, but now we have cement board, and actual subfloor that doesn't look like it would collapse if you threw a paperclip onto it, and a toilet!! Okay, so the toilet doesn't work...but it did for maybe, 3 days! I think the whole shebang inside the tank (you know...the guts of the toilet) is botched, and I just don't have the energy to deal with that right now. Maybe tomorrow I'll attempt that. Having a working toilet for those 3 days, however, was heavenly.

Beanpole and Little Linebacker are TOTALLY ready to go back to school. They start at almost the middle of next month, so it's not far off now! I'll be making a list tomorrow of school supplies that are on sale at work this week (it's supposed to be a good week for supply sales!), although we're holding off on new shoes until right before school starts. If we got them now, they'd be filthy by the time they went back. And everyone knows you've got to have new kicks when you're going into (gulp) the 4th and 2nd grades!

Little Miss Junior Mint is growing like a weed, apparently. At my 30 week appointment I was measuring big, so they had me schedule an ultrasound at week 32. Let me tell you, this is gonna be one CUTE baby (and no, I'm not biased at all).

Now, they only got a couple shots during this was more for measurements and stuff for the OB. But the above picture is just precious. Someone said she looks like she's wearing a bonnet. I didn't see it until they said that, but they're right! She's weighing in at 5lbs, so they say, and I'm praying that she'll be one of those babies that they're completely WRONG about. I've had an almost 10 pound baby before, and although I know I could do it again, I was looking forward to NOT doing it again!

My baby shower from my coworkers is this Saturday evening, already! I finally registered at Babies R' Us, and I was astounded at the cost of everything (necessities AND frivilous items). I did put a few big ticket items on the list, however, simply because BRU gives a 10% "completion discount" on stuff leftover on the registry. They'll send out a certificate anywhere from 7 days before until 7 days after your due date. So that will be a blessing if there's anything I truly need. We picked out pink and chocolate brown for the room colors, and the bedding is very light pink with butterflies and ladybugs. Very cute, VERY girly. When I came home from registering (my mom had gone with me, God love her), I went online with the list BRU gives you of necessities (yeah right), and I was simply amazed at the amount of pink I'd actually scanned!! Apparently, living with only males for almost 10 years has taken its toll on me, and I'm now ready for girly girly stuff.

I worked my last full week of work last week, which means I have tomorrow off! I've taken my schedule down to 4 days a week - this allows me to keep my Senior Tech status and benefits, but not work myself to the bone. I was having some issues, and my OB said it's better to cut down than to be put on bedrest and completely cut off. I totally agree, since I need that time to be home after LMJM is born, not before. BBM will also get to take his vacation around my due date, and it will be wonderful to have him home, not only to help me out, but to just have him home. Life gets hectic often, and the family seems to be the first thing to suffer. At least The Boys have neighborhood friends to hang out with, although that makes me sad too.

We are awaiting a written bid from our contractor for finishing the room in the basement. This will allow us to move The Bunker downstairs, finally fix LMJM's room, and have a place to put all her stuff! I think I've gotten all the clothes that she has (so far) washed and folded. Now if only the other laundry would cooperate like that!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

Glad to hear all is well!! And yes, she is a beauty!!

Can't wait to hear that she has arrived!!

Hallie :)

Lisa said...

You're still alive!! Pregnant women shouldn't be twirling around on windmill blades, you know!

I am getting a giggle about your obsession with pink stuff. And the room decor sounds divine!

Sorry I didn't respond to your last email. Life, you know... sigh....

Keep us all informed about how it goes. I know you will disappear soon enough with LMJM and we will once again be wondering what is going on!

Ness said...

Glad to hear from you. I was beginning to worry but figured you were busy. The colors sound beautiful for her room and she is, indeed, a beautiful little girl. I have seen so many pretty outfits but figure you will be innundated with newborn clothes so am waiting until she gets here and will get her some clothes for Fall/Winter. Take care!

barefoot gardener said...

Cute Baby Pic! I am all of Little Sprout's pics, she looked like she was practicing to be a pretzel. No face pics at all.... :(

Glad you are back, I have been wondering about you!

Elizabeth said...

I feel totally jipped cause my sonogram pics were never this detailed.

I can't wait to meet her!!!!!

White Hot Magik said...

That is the most awesome sonogram ever seen. I don't know why you couldn't find time to post, it doesn't sound like you have been busy. In fact I am not so tired after reading about all you've done, I don't need a nap. ; )