Thursday, June 12, 2008

Who on God's Green Earth?!?!?!

Yeah, who pointed out that I had double digits to go until Little Miss Junior Mint was born? Lisa, was that you? Look, I'm already bitter because not only do you have freshly shelled peas, but strawberry goodness and fresh baked bread?? And since you reminded me, ever so excitedly, that I have less than 100 days to go before my precious little package arrives, time has slipped away and I'm now down to 87 days. Thanks. A whole bunch. Really. :P

That being said, do I really need to explain to you all why I haven't posted for {GASP} two whole weeks??? I mean, I will if I must. But I don't think it's required. I think your imaginations will do just fine. I will tell you this though: there are no signs of a slow-down anytime in the near future. In fact, if anything, I will busier than a one-armed paper hanger between now and the time that LMJM arrives, gift wrapped in a soft pink blanket.

So...I have news. Actually, Big Boss Man has news. But I'm not allowed to say anything yet (okay, so my family knows, but I'm not allowed to say anything to the general public yet). Folks, don't worry, it will be probably mid-next week soon. Aside from the usual falling in love, getting married, having babies sort of news, this looks to be one of the best things that has ever happened to us as a family. It will also be one of the most stressful, but people go through it all the time in one capacity or another, so we will fare just fine.

Is your interest peaked yet?!?!?

Well, I still can't tell you. How's that for a cliffhanger???


So the IRS website finally has a mail date for our stimulus check. Granted, we haven't gotten The Letter that says how much we're getting, but still, it's a start (we know how much we're getting, but we haven't gotten The Letter). Depending on what happens, we might not have to use that money for LMJM's room switcheroo, but we'll have to wait and see. Either way, the money is spent already (isn't it always), and will go to good use.

Our closest local "farm" shut down a couple days ago. Now don't get weepy, I don't mean the actual farm itself shut down. But the parking lot they take over with all their plants and flowers and such every year had it's closing sale on Tuesday. The flowers were dirt cheap, but I resisted and only bought one (and that was for my mom for her birthday...happy Birthday Mom!!). They had a whole table of 50 cents each plants, and they were all so sad-looking that I wanted to buy them all. Their tomato plants were pathetic, dried out and falling over. It made me sad to see that they hadn't been bought by anyone. I should've asked what they did with them when they closed...if they just threw them out, I could've rescued a few of them and tried to get them going again. They have another stand that's a little further out, in the other direction from our home...maybe I should drive by there and see if they're still around.

The weather here has been INCREDIBLE. And I don't mean that in a good way. Hot, humid, and more hot and humid. I know that people have had this weather for awhile in other parts of the country, but was so nice for so long, I'd even take the rain back if it meant the humidity would go away. Oh wait, I think it is supposed to rain later on today. Luckily, BBM is off work, so I get the van to drive tonight. Whew! And somehow, the male end of our hose got bent, so it won't attach to the spigot on the back of the house. I will have to replace that before long so The Boys can continue with their sprinkler play. We have been planning a barbecue this weekend for a few of our friends, and I just don't know how we're going to survive it without melting! That, plus the fact that our A/C has been acting up. The condenser line freezes completely, and we have to turn the "cool" off and just leave the "fan" on to defrost it, all the while, sweating ourselves to oblivion. We think the A/C just needs recharged, but God help us if we get someone in here and they say they won't recharge it because it has a leak somewhere. I just want to turn on the A/C...I don't want to know where it's coming from! (a nod to one of my favorite movies, Baby Boom...if you haven't seen it, get's cute).

Well. I think I'm off to do another load of dishes, and maybe a couple loads of laundry will find their way to the washing machine before I head off to work. Have a wonderful Thursday, everyone!!


Wonderful World of Weiners said...

So, he got a high paying fantastic new job?

Just guessing....

Hallie :)

Lisa said...

OMG! In fact, Thank God. I was {this} close to picking up the phone and calling you to make sure you were still alive!! I figured you got washed away in all the nasty weather!

Since Weiner Woman guessed a new job, I'm going to say either BBM is moving the whole family OR he is pregnant and going to have the next child!! Way to go BBM!

And, I immediately recognized the movie quote (except it was about water, "Good, we can just get the hose and fill it up!") I actually changed the name of my second child (to be) to Elisabeth after watching that movie like 96 times while pregnant with her! It's also my first name, so I didn't seem like a total dork!

So glad you are alive and kicking! I was worried!

Lisa said...
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Ness said...

I've checked every day for the last 2 weeks and thought about calling, but well, you never pick up your cell anyway.

How perfectly horrible to leave me cliff hanging on this news! I think you should email me the news..after all we HAVE met and WHO am I going to tell? And, no, I can't be bought!

Are you having a baby shower that you're aware of because, if so, put me on the list.

Lisa said...

Oh! I forgot to mention! If you buy your hoses at Sears, they guarantee them for life, no matter what you do to them! Stud Muffin once ran over the hose end with his car and flattened it. No problem! They gave us a new hose, even years later!

I would check with them to make sure they haven't changed this policy, though! it's been a while since I return anything to them!

I won't tell anyone either! So you can trust me with your secret!!

Elizabeth said...

You must tell me immediately where this "farm" is. Immediately.

Life is indeed moving quickly these days. I can't keep up!

White Hot Magik said...

You guys won the lottery, without even playing?

Not nice to leave us hanging like that, now I have to come back. : )

I hope you got your rain, and then send it SW okay?